Energie / Umwelt (N-Z)

Optical frequency reference
Keywords: timing, frequency, photonics

Production of valuable materials from waste streams by using halophilic microorganisms
Halophiles, recyclable waste, carotenoids, recombinant products, nonsterile process

Prozess zur thermochemischen Energiespeicherung mittels H3BO3/B2O3 Zyklus
Keywords: thermochemical energy storager, boric acid, process scheme, boron trioxid

Secure architecture for smart grid operation
Decentralized smart grid, Cyber security, Load generation balance, n-1 security, Demand response

Thermochemical energy storage concept based on a fluidized bed reactor cascade with different storage materials
Keywords: Waste Heat Recovery, Thermochemical Energy Storage, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Calcium Oxalate, Fluidized Bed Reactors

Wooden Beam Head Temperature Control in Interior Insulated Walls
Keywords: wooden beam head heating, component temperature control, heat conduction plate, interior insulation, preventing dew point lower derivation, thermal renovation, wooden beam ceiling