Elektrotechnik / Elektronik / Messtechnik (A-I)

Agitation module for automated freeze
Keywords: Agitated freeze substitution, Automated freeze substitution, Electron microscopy sample preparation, Freeze substitution,

Biodegradable Photopolymers based on vinylester and vinylcarbonate
Keywords: biocompatible polymers, biodegradable, hydrogel, photopolymerization, rapid prototyping, tissue engineering,

Electro-optic decoupling of input and output ports in a regenerative Laser amplifier
Keywords: regenerative amplifier without an optical isolator, electro-optic crystal non-collinear to cavity axis, separated input/output ports of regenerative amplifier

Fatigue tests of stents by ultrasonic wave
Keywords: Expandable mesh structure, Fatigue test, Metallic and synthetic stent, Sonic wave

General short test procedure for inspection of gaseous and particulate pollutants of combustion engines
Keywords: Exhaust emission, Smoke check, Short test procedure

High-performance thermochemical energy storage with transition metal ammoniates on a matrix
Keywords: high energy density, rapid temperature increase, matrix support, transition metal ammoniate, thermochemical energy storage

Intrinsic Non-Volatile Logic-in-Memory with STT-MRAM
Keywords: Magnetic tunnel junction  (MTJ), magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM), material implication (IMP), non-volatile logic-inmemory, spin-transfer torque (STT)