Medizin / Pharma (D-K)

Diagnostic assay for recent flavivirus infections: Zika, Dengue, Tick-borne encephalitis
Keywords: diagnostic test, flavivirus, Zika virus, dengue, ELISA, lgM, infection

Electronic Transducer Guiding Device for the Sonographic Screening for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
Keywords: Sonographic Screening, Electronic Transducer Guiding System,782.18 Medizinische Universität Wien

Electro-optic decoupling of input and output ports in a regenerative Laser amplifier
Keywords: regenerative amplifier without an optical isolator, electro-optic crystal non-collinear to cavity axis, separated input/output ports of regenerative amplifier

Evaluation of the anaesthetic fitness of a patient
Keywords: Anesthesia, Anaesthetic fitness, Perioperative analysis, Fitness, Apnoea, 684.17, Medizinische Universität Wien

Fatigue tests of stents by ultrasonic wave
Keywords: Expandable mesh structure, Fatigue test, Metallic and synthetic stent, Sonic wave,

Full-powered, Retro-fitting, Steering System for Flexible Endoscopes using Mixed Reality Glasses
Keywords: Steering system, Mixed reality, Flexible endoscope, 726.18, Medizinische Universiät Wien

Holographic phase contrast microscopy
Keywords: Cytometry, Population based analysis, (3D) Microscopy, Holography, Tracking Analysis, User interface

Identification and uses of a novel mammalian RNA 2’, 3’-cyclic phosphatase
Keywords: ANGEL2, RNA-seq, 2’,3’-cyclic phosphate, 2’-phosphate, 3’-phosphate, UPR, 675.17, Medizinische Universität Wien

ldentification of physiologic state of hydrogentrophic methanogenic cultures by using a combined analytic strategy
Keywords: Bioprocess control, BMP process quantification, ldentification of physiological states

In vivo polysialylation to enhance the pharmacokinetic profile of therapeutic proteins and immunomodulation
polysialic acid, polysialylation, glycopolymer, plant expression system