Chemie / Biotech (O-Z)

Porous hydrophilic nanomembranes
Keywords: biomedical application, hydrophilic polymers, membrane bioreactors, porous nanomembranes,

Production of sulphur free lignin nanoparticles
Keywords: Natural polymer,Cosmetics (UV block,), Drug delivery material, Antioxidant material, Enzyme carrier, Functionalized Carrier, Adsorbent material

Prozess zur thermochemischen Energiespeicherung mittels H3BO3/B2O3 Zyklus
Keywords: thermochemical energy storager, boric acid, process scheme, boron trioxid

RNA Polymerase binding aptamers (RAPS) for regulating RNA production and protein expression
Keywords: RNA, transcription, protein, expression, recombinant, yield

Site-specific Chemoenzymatic Glycosylation of Peptides
Keywords: Glycosylation, polymer-conjugated  peptide, enzymatic modification, glycosyltransferases

Sulfation of Therapeutic Proteins in Plants
Keywords: plant-based protein production, sulfation, therapeutic protein, tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase,

Testing for microbial corrosion in natural waters
Keywords: microbial corrosion, natural water, fresh water hydropower, wells, water works, cooling water

Ultrasound enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy Probe
Keywords: chemostat, mid-IR spectroscopy, process monitoring,