Werkstoffe / Werkstofftechnik (A-N)

Biodegradable photopolymers based on vinylester and vinylcarbonate
Keywords: biocompatible polymers, biodegradable, photopolymerization/ hydrogel, rapid prototyping, tissue engineering,

Coating of powder or fine grain particles by magnetron sputtering
Keywords: diamonds, Granular material, Magnetron sputtering, Metallic and compound coatings, Multilayer thin films, particles, Powders, spheres,

Fatigue tests of stents by ultrasonic wave
Keywords: Expandable mesh structure, Fatigue test, Metallic and synthetic stent, Sonic wave,

Holographic phase contrast microscopy
Keywords: Cytometry, Population based analysis, (3D) Microscopy, Holography, Tracking Analysis, User interface

LabSEAL A simple way for determing the chemical composition of solid samples
Keywords: Advanced materials, Chemical analysis, Solid sampling, Quantification

Neue Methode zur verbesserten Abscheidung von Holzfeinstaub
Keywords: Holzabscheideverfahren, Holzfeinstaub, Triboelektrischer Effekt

Novel method for curing of epoxy resins
Keywords: Bulk Curing, C-C labile thermal initiators, Composite, Epoxy resin, Frontal Polymerization, Radical Induced Cationic Frontal Polymerization, Shadow Curing,

Novel photo acid generator for cationic polymerization Resist Technology
Keywords: PAG, Photo acid, Exposy resins, Cationic polymerization, Iodonium, Sulphonium, Coating