Maschinenbau / Anlagenbau (A-M)

Agitation module for automated freeze
Keywords: Agitated freeze substitution, Automated freeze substitution, Electron microscopy sample preparation, Freeze substitution,

Biodegradable photopolymers based on vinylester and vinylcarbonate
Keywords: biocompatible polymers, biodegradable, photopolymerization/ hydrogel, rapid prototyping, tissue engineering,

Coating of powder or fine grain particles by magnetron sputtering
Keywords: diamonds, Granular material, Magnetron sputtering, Metallic and compound coatings, Multilayer thin films, particles, Powders, spheres,

Combined biogas upgrading and power-to-gas energy storage
Keywords: energy storage, high purity methane, membrane separation system, wind/solar gas,

Directstart device for starting an internal combustion engine
Keywords: directstart, air injection, natural gas, hydrogen, direct injection of natural gas

DHMP – Deterministic Machine Hammer Peening for precise and controlled surface treatment of industrial parts
Keywords: Machine hammer peening, Linear reluctance motor, Smoothing, Structuring, Induction of compressive residual stresses, Increase of surface hardness, Change in crystal lattice

LabSEAL A simple way for determing the chemical composition of solid samples
Keywords: Advanced materials, Chemical analysis, Solid sampling, Quantification

magnetic coupling, miniaturised, highly efficient, easy construction