Energie / Umwelt (A-M)

Combined biogas upgrading and power-to-gas energy storage
Keywords: energy storage, high purity methane, membrane separation system, wind/solar gas,

Concentration of valuables from aqueous product solutions
Keywords: energy saving, environmental friendly nanofiltration, reverse osmosis

Continuous hydrothermal carbonization of biosolid
Keywords:Hydrothermal carbonization, hydrochar

Directstart device for starting an internal combustion engine
Keywords: directstart, air injection, natural gas, hydrogen, direct injection of natural gas

General short test procedure for inspection of gaseous and particulate pollutants of combustion engines
Keywords: Exhaust emission, Smoke check, Short test procedure

High-performance thermochemical energy storage concept with transition metal ammoniates on a matrix
Keywords: Thermochemical energy storage, high energy density, rapid temperature increase, matrix support, transition metal ammoniate

ldentification of physiologic staes of hydrogentrophic methanogenic cultures by using a combined analytic strategy
Keywords: Bioprocess control, BMP process quantification, ldentification of physiological states,

Powder metallurgy (PM), powder manufacture, PM-precision parts

Method and device for recycling of shredder light fraction (SLF)
shredder light fraction, waste reduction, recycling

Method for enhancement of protein production by Trichoderma reesei
Keywords: Biofuel, Biorefineries, Cellulases, Trichoderma reesei,