Chemie / Biotech (A-C)

Agitation module for automated freeze
Keywords: Agitated freeze substitution, Automated freeze substitution, Electron microscopy sample preparation, Freeze substitution,

Auxiliary-assisted Glycopeptide Synthesis
Keywords: photocleavable auxiliary, polymer-conjugated  peptide, enzymatic modification, glycosylation

Biodegradable photopolymers based on vinylester and vinylcarbonate
Keywords: biocompatible polymers, biodegradable, photopolymerization/ hydrogel, rapid prototyping, tissue engineering,

Bioprocess for production of 2,3 butandiol using non-pathogenic Clostridia from industrial residual streams
Keywords: „waste of value“, bioprocess 2;3 BD, metabolic shift, non-pathogenic strains,

Biosynthesis of N-Acetylneuraminic acid {NeuNAc, NANA) from the renewable ressource chitin using Trichoderma reesei as whole-cell biocatalyst
Keywords: chitin, NeuNAc NANA, Neuraminidase inhibitor, Trichoderma reesei, whole-cell biocatalyst,

Chalcone 3- Hydroxylase: yellow colouration of flowers
Keywords: chalcone 3-hydroxylase, molecular breeding , yellow flower colour

Combined biogas upgrading and power-to-gas energy storage
Keywords: energy storage, high purity methane, membrane separation system, wind/solar gas,

Concentration of valuables from aqueous product solutions
Keywords: energy saving, environmental friendly nanofiltration, reverse osmosis

Continuous hydrothermal carbonization of biosolid
Keywords:Hydrothermal carbonization, hydrochar