Chemie / Biotech (D-N)

ldentification of physiologic state of hydrogentrophic methanogenic cultures by using a combined analytic strategy
Keywords: Bioprocess control, BMP process quantification, ldentification of physiological states

In vivo polysialylation to enhance the pharmacokinetic profile of therapeutic proteins and immunomodulation
polysialic acid, polysialylation, glycopolymer, plant expression system

LabSEAL A simple way for determing the chemical composition of solid samples
Keywords: Advanced materials, Chemical analysis, Solid sampling, Quantification

Method for enhancement of protein production by Trichoderma reesei
Keywords: Biofuel, Biorefineries, Cellulases, Trichoderma reesei,

Method for synthesizing therapeutic oligonucleotide conjugates with enhanced cellular uptake
Keywords: Antisense, Aptamers, Gene therapy, Oligonucleotides, RNAi, siRNA,

Method for the production of structured chromium layers for media-contact surfaces
Keywords: Microstructured hard chromium, media contact surfaces, electroplating, functional coating

Microfluidic wound healing & migration assay: automated, miniaturized and integrated screening platform
Keywords: Wound healing, Migration assay, Cell exclusion, Depletion approach, Mechanical stamping, Microfluidi

Modular immunoglobulins composed of variable domains and CH3 domains exhibiting improved effector functions
Keywords: FcRN, CH3, Variable domains

Novel method for curing of epoxy resins
Keywords: Bulk Curing, C-C labile thermal initiators, Composite, Epoxy resin, Frontal Polymerization, Radical Induced Cationic Frontal Polymerization, Shadow Curing,

Novel photo acid generator for cationic polymerization Resist Technology
Keywords: PAG, Photo acid, Exposy resins, Cationic polymerization, Iodonium, Sulphonium, Coating