The WTZ Ost Tech-Hub aims at closing the commercialization gap.

We support scientists in:

  • analyzing the technology from a user’s perspective
  • finding and evaluating “out of the box“ application fields
  • designing actionable commercialization strategies

How does it work?

The program comprises two workshops and a guided project phase:

  • Workshop I (full day): Identification of technology’s benefits –> 16th April
  • Project phase (individual): searching for applications (with help from WU students)
  • Workshop II (full day): Presentation and discussion of findings; market and competitors analyses; draft your business case –> 28th May

Who should apply for „TechHub“ and what should you bring?

To fully benefit from the Tech-Hub program, potential participants should answer all of the following questions with “yes!“.

  • Do you plan on commercializing a specific technology?
  • Are you (still) unsure of which markets to tackle or whatthe most promising market opportunities are?
  • Are you committed to the commercialization project andwilling to spend a considerable amount of time on it throughout the program?
  • Are you prepared to hand in a short slide deck describing your idea?

How to apply for TechHub?

Send your application until 03/04/2018 to

  • Contact-information & a short CV
  • Description about your research activities
  • Description of the technology you want to work within the TechHub
  • Some words about your future plans and your expectations

Or use our application formular Bewerbung für den WTZ TechHub_en